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About Me

I'm a ridiculous human being with a thousand ridiculous stories. I lost the ability to be embarrassed in a tragic my entire life accident, but I still dearly love to laugh.

​My first novel was a ghost story about my family's 100% seriously haunted house. That said, I hate scary shit and do not write scary books, unless you're thinking in a figurative "the sadness of the human condition" type of way. Which, omg go somewhere else with that.

I used to write poetry, now I just carry a sharpie so I can correct grammar in the wild. I'll let you know if you can use singular quotation marks correctly. Spoiler alert: you can't, Mark and Donna.

I'm a member of the Western Washington chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, the Pacific Northwest Writers Association, and have successfully participated in NanoWrimo. I'm also an ancient sea-witch that consumes men to prolong my immortality. Everybody's got their hustle, man.

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