The Papercuts

This is my critique group and boy are they a bunch of weirdos. Also the best, most talented people I've ever met. So you could say I like them.


Banned from the Cinnabon

Our newest convert, and the most overqualified writer of the lot. Writes hilarious YA fiction about boys and boats, as well as  fanfiction about my old retail jobs.


Stop Hurting My Fave Characters

He beat me out to win PNWA's Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Paranormal award in 2016 but I'm not holding it against him. Much. Beautiful, immersive fantasy novels that will make you ugly cry.


Fart jokes 25/8

His writing takes flights of fancy between sweeping space opera, humor that's dark and dirty, and  poignant personal essays. Also happens to be the finest coxswain on the water, and the world's best human.


Probably a Murderer

All of her stories are about murders. So like, did she actually murder someone? We are still not sure if her husband is real or a paid actor. Just putting that out there in case I disappear under mysterious circumstances.


Hasn't Aged Past 14

Gets really, really excited when he hears a good idea, and somehow it tends to rub off on people. Writes MG stories with a lot of heart, buried somewhere behind the dumpsters and underneath a mountain of poop jokes.


Adorable Baby Alien

Dogged believer of the best in everyone, with a laugh like the majestic cry of a seagull. Writes humorous (and sometimes dark) MG/YA Fantasy with a strong sense of justice.